Get Justice For Zimmer Knee Implants and Cup Hip Implants Injuries

Hip and knee replacements have become exceedingly common lately due to the increasing age of the population. Total hip replacement or knee replacement surgeries are surgical procedures that correct these issues by replacing the hip with artificial devices. Zimmer is one of the leading manufacturers of hip and knee replacement devices, and as a result its products are used in a variety of different surgical procedures around the world. However, problems with the devices have been reported over the last few years, leading to further injury and more medical complications. As a result, many lawsuits have been brought against the Zimmer company since 2008, when reports first began to spread.

While the first reports of problems with the Zimmer implants began to be reported earlier, it was 2008 when these complaints became widespread. Problems with the devices varied, but included:

  • Failure of the device
  • Loosening of the device
  • High levels of metal ions in the blood

Essentially, the implants fail and do so far more often than normal. A quality knee or hip replacement is designed to last fifteen years or more, often much longer than that. Zimmer implants have failed after only a couple of years in some cases. When they do fail, severe pain is a key symptom along with stiffness, reduced mobility, and more. In some instances the resulting pain and stiffness is as bad as or worse than before the surgery.

Additional problems present themselves in the metal properties found in the bloodstream. These metals are often associated with further illnesses and other medical problems with other parts of the body – particularly the nervous system, thyroid gland, and heart.

A second surgery to correct the failing device is the only real solution for a failed implant, and the added recovery time and increased costs can be extreme. Additionally, other medical problems may appear prior to or following the second surgery. In some cases certain Zimmer products have actually been subject to recalls. The main type of implant device is the Durom cup, a design unique to the Zimmer line of implant products.

Zimmer Holdings placed 47.5 million dollars into a reserve account to cover lawsuits filed against them due to failing implants, particularly the Durom Cup implant. Already numerous lawsuits have been filed and settled as a result of the problems caused by these implants, and if you or someone you know had a Durom Cup implant that developed problems, you may be eligible to seek financial compensation as well.

Hip and knee implants are designed to take over where nature has failed. Zimmer cup hip replacement implants and knee replacements are essentially artificial components that replace the knee or hip joint. These joints use a ball and socket – sometimes called a ball and cup – design that allows for mobility. Injury and aging can deteriorate the joints and cause pain, stiffness, reduced mobility, and more. If this occurs and the damage is severe, a replacement hip or knee made from metal is used to return the joint to its full range of motion. While they're normally excellent options for those in need of them, problems have arisen with those from the Zimmer line of implants.

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