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Our bones fail. Whether from age or injury, there are millions of Americans who have suffered joint problems throughout their life. Luckily, modern medicine has created numerous options for those with problems of this nature. In the case of hip damage, metal on metal hip implants help give one back the mobility they lost when their hip joint failed. While they're beneficial to millions, there are problems with a variety of different implants including some implant devices that have actually been recalled due to failure or other problems. If you have one of these devices or develop health problems due to your metal on metal hip implant, you may need to contact an attorney.

All medical procedures will have side effects and recovery time. But beyond the usual pain, swelling and tenderness that hip implants usually cause, there are now alarming reports from patients, medical journals, and researchers concerning these devices.

Some of the more serious problems associated with metal on metal hip implants are: 

  • Device Failure
  • Device Loosening
  • Metallosis
  • Inflammatory Response
  • Revision Surgery

Device failure is becoming more common than most suspected in these types of implants. When loosening or failure occurs the patient can have severe pain, sudden stiffness, and reduced mobility. It can occur due to outright failure of the implant device.

Metallosis is another serious problem triggered by some of these devices. It's a type of fibrosis or necrosis that is the key cause of most device failures. Basically, it's a breakdown of tissue and bone that will trigger device failure and cause pain, swelling, and other problems.

Inflammatory response is generally a condition that is triggered by device failure, along with things like pain and tenderness. Further complicating the problems that metal on metal hip implants can cause is the fact that many who have the procedure done assume that the pain they are experiencing is normal. In many cases it will be milder than the pain they experienced before the implant, and in some cases it may be constant while in others it is only intermittent. In other words, many people continue their lives with problems in their hip without even realizing they're suffering from it.

There have been numerous hip implant devices over the last several years that have undergone a total recall, being removed from the market due to their likelihood of failure. As a result of these recalls, many people may have the right to seek financial restitution due to their failed hip. Currently the Hip Implant Center and several partners are investigating claims filed by those who have received hip replace

Hip implants of this nature are used to help restore mobility to those who have lost it. Hip degeneration can cause the ball-socket joint to become lose, grind, or go through other major problems. Injuries from accidents, natural bone deterioration that comes with aging and more are all common issues that trigger hip failure. Metal on metal implants involve replacing both the ball and socket in the joint with a metal implant. This implant functions like the bone itself would and gives patients back their quality of living. They have long been touted as one of the most important breakthroughs in orthopedic health, though now some serious problems are being reported.

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