Get Justice For Yas Yazmin Beyaz Gianivi or Ocella Injuries

There are numerous birth control options out there, and each of them works a little differently. Drugs like Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, Gianivi, or Ocella all contain a compound known as Drospirenone and are the only birth control pills that do. While the drugs are effective as birth control pills, recent studies have shown that they could be very dangerous to women and that serious problems could result from their use. Because of this, the makers of Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, Gianivi, and Ocella have already paid out more than two thousand settlements this year alone to women injured as a result of the drug's usage since they were not informed of these risks.

While it's obvious that all drugs have side effects and risks, drug companies are required to report all potential side effects and any potential risks to the FDA and to include them on the packaging of the drugs. In the case of Yaz and similar contraceptives, evidence suggests that the drug manufacturers didn't report all of the potential problems associated with the drugs. In fact, Bayer was required to run an advertising campaign that cost twenty million dollars due to their previous ads that overstated benefits and downplayed any potential risks associated with their drug.

Serious symptoms associated with the use of Yaz, Yasmin, Beyaz, Gianivi, and Ocella include:

  • Gallbladder Disease
  • Pancreatitis
  • Blood Clots
  • Strokes
  • Deep Vein Thrombosis
  • Pulmonary Embolism
  • Sudden Cardiac Death
  • Other Cardiovascular or Circulatory Problems

Reports of pulmonary embolism and deep vein thrombosis began appearing almost immediately after the drugs were released to the public, and by the end of 2011 more than ten thousand lawsuits had been filed relating to the different symptoms and side effects the drugs triggered. Of these, the majority of them related to clotting issues or gallbladder injuries. In fact, evidence suggests that many gallbladder removal surgeries were triggered by the use of these oral contraceptives.

Because of the rising number of clot related issues attached to these contraceptives, it's important to discuss your situation with your physician and to be vigilant for any signs that you may be facing these problems. Additionally, those who have suffered medical issues after using Yaz, Yasmin, or any other similar contraceptives should contact an attorney. They may have a legitimate case for financial restitution. Only a lawyer will be able to determine the eligibility of your case, however, and it's important to learn more as soon as possible if you're among the thousands who experienced illness or injury after taking these drugs.

These drugs are all used for birth control. They're oral contraceptives but contain a different compound combination than other contraceptives. In this case, the active ingredients are Drospirenone, a progestin, and Ethinyl Estradiol. They work by stopping the body's ability to create fully mature eggs and are highly effective at preventing pregnancy. However, troubling evidence suggests that the makers of Yaz and Yasmin – Bayer – failed to disclose the increased risks related to the products' use, particularly the increased risk of blood clots and related diseases. Because of this, tens of thousands of lawsuits have been filed against the drug makers as more and more women report serious medical problems after taking the drugs.

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