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Colon cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer one can be unfortunate enough to develop. A number of ant-cancer drugs are used to help combat the spread of cancer, most notably Avastin. Avastin has sales in excess of seven billion dollars and is one of the most commonly used drugs in the fight against colon cancer and is also used in breast and lung cancer in some cases. As dangerous as cancer is, there is evidence that the use of Avastin can lead to a number of different issues that can cause other serious medical complications and could even lead to death in some instances.

As with any drug, Avastin carries numerous side effects as a result of its use. However, it's a requirement of the FDA that all drug manufacturers complete a rigorous research process before releasing their products to the market. Recent data has found that while Avastin manufacturer, Genentech, did indeed report the most common symptoms and side effects of the drug's use. However, a number of very serious conditions can also come from use of the drug. These include:

  • Bacterial Contamination
  • Nasal Septum Perforation
  • Posterior Leukoencephalopathy

Obviously these are heard and circulatory related issues and can be quite severe. Many who have filed lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline have done so after losing a loved one to a side effect of the drug's use. A recent meta-analysis that combined the findings from forty two separate studies found that patients using Avandia have a 64 percent increase in the risk of a heart related disease and a 43 percent increase in heart attack risk. In short, the chances of developing a major health condition are very high.

Those patients who are currently using Avandia to control their type 2 diabetes should consult their doctors immediately about their situation and determine if there is a better option for them. Those who have suffered from any type of major health problem that is related to the use of Avandia, or those with loved ones who have suffered it, should contact an attorney to discuss their legal rights to compensation. As recently as February of 2012 nearly 25,000 lawsuits were settled by GlaxoSmithKline pertaining to Avandia, and more could be on the horizon. The FDA has ordered a Black Box Warning on Avandia, but no recall has occurred and patients who were using the drug prior to this warning could still have legal rights that may be well worth exploring.

Avastin is used to help slow the spread of cancer, particularly colon cancer that has spread to other areas within the body. Thirteen percent of all diagnosed cancer is colorectal, and this type of cancer kills almost four hundred thousand people each year. The drug works by reducing the blood supply to cancerous tumors and has been shown to be highly effective in helping control and combat colorectal cancer. It's also used in some forms of lung or breast cancer. However, the side effects of the drug can sometimes be as serious as the cancer it is intended to treat.

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