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Avandia is one of the more widely used drugs when it comes to helping control type 2 diabetes. First approved for use in 1999, the drug has been used by more than six million people over the course of its lifespan. But recent data dating from 2007 to the present day indicates that Avandia can cause serious health related issues and even lead to death in some cases. It's manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline, and the company continues to reach settlements on thousands of Avandia related lawsuits to this day. If you or someone you know has used Avandia and developed medical conditions because of it, you should contact an attorney quickly.

All drugs have side effects, but it's a requirement of the FDA that drug companies fully research their products and report all findings to them no matter how severe. In the case of Avandia, a number of very serious medical conditions have been linked to the use of the drug but were never reported by GlaxoSmithKline. Medical conditions that studies have linked to the use of Avandia include the following.

  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Heart Attack
  • Ischemic Stroke
  • Congestive Heart Failure
  • Sudden Cardiac Death

Obviously these are heard and circulatory related issues and can be quite severe. Many who have filed lawsuits against GlaxoSmithKline have done so after losing a loved one to a side effect of the drug's use. A recent meta-analysis that combined the findings from forty two separate studies found that patients using Avandia have a 64 percent increase in the risk of a heart related disease and a 43 percent increase in heart attack risk. In short, the chances of developing a major health condition are very high.

Those patients who are currently using Avandia to control their type 2 diabetes should consult their doctors immediately about their situation and determine if there is a better option for them. Those who have suffered from any type of major health problem that is related to the use of Avandia, or those with loved ones who have suffered it, should contact an attorney to discuss their legal rights to compensation. As recently as February of 2012 nearly 25,000 lawsuits were settled by GlaxoSmithKline pertaining to Avandia, and more could be on the horizon. The FDA has ordered a Black Box Warning on Avandia, but no recall has occurred and patients who were using the drug prior to this warning could still have legal rights that may be well worth exploring.

Avandia is intended to help control type 2 diabetes. In type 2 diabetes the patient's body can't process insulin correctly. Avandia helps by increasing the sensitivity to insulin and is generally used in combination with healthy diet changes and regular exercise. It can't be used to treat type 1 diabetes and it won't cure type 2, only help make it more manageable to live with and control. And while it is effective at this, the evidence is overwhelming in showing that the use of the drug also leads to a drastic increase in other health issues, most notably in heart related conditions.

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