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Bleeding Risk A number of drugs manufactured by drug companies and sold as blood thinners have one major side effect, and this is of particular importance to anyone considering a pharmaceutically developed drug that acts as a thinning medication. Anticoagulant drugs such as Xarelto can thin the blo...

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Bowel Prep Solutions

While the use of Bowel Prep Solutions like Fleet Phospho-soda are still common and in most cases relatively safe, the risk of damage lies in the fact that high doses of the solution could trigger a variety of different problems. These include: Acute Phosphate Nephtropathy Renal Fai...

Bowel Prep Solutions Information

Transvaginal Mesh Bladder Slings and TVT Tape

Over 2,000 different complaints have been filed with the FDA since 2005, including meshes from nine separate mesh manufacturers. 1,500 complaints were filed between 2008 and 2010 alone. The sudden increase in reported problems has actually caused the FDA to issue a safety alert involving the procedu...

Transvaginal Mesh Bladder Slings and TVT Tape Information


All drugs have side effects, but for drugs to be approved for use in America they must meet standards of safety that are managed by the Food and Drug Administration. Recent reports have linked Propofol to serious side effects including: Shock Heart Failure ...

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Just as Chantix has an impact on the way that your brain acts when you smoke, there is evidence that Chantix can also cause other problems. These include: Suicidal Thoughts Abnormal Behavior Frightening Dreams Aggression ...

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All drugs have side effects, but it's a requirement of the FDA that drug companies fully research their products and report all findings to them no matter how severe. In the case of Avandia, a number of very serious medical conditions have been linked to the use of the drug but were never reported b...

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Raptiva and Rituxan

While each of these drugs carries its own set of side effects, just like any other drug, the reason that Raptiva and Rituxan are so dangerous is that they can greatly increase the chances of developing Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy, or PML. This is a condition that affects the central n...

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Like any drug on the market, Crestor carries with it plenty of possible side effects. It's important that certain people like those who are taking other medicines or who drink regularly talk to their doctor about the use of Crestor. However, unlike some drugs there appears to be an increased risk in...

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While the use of bisphosphonates does indeed help to strengthen bone density in many patients, there is also a large amount of evidence that suggests serious side effects could exist, including an increase in bone fractures. Symptoms and side effects of Bisphosphonates that are extremely serious inc...

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Zimmer Knee Implants and Cup Hip Implants

While the first reports of problems with the Zimmer implants began to be reported earlier, it was 2008 when these complaints became widespread. Problems with the devices varied, but included: Failure of the device Loosening of the device High levels of ...

Zimmer Knee Implants and Cup Hip Implants Information

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Number Of Praxada Bleeding Deaths Stated By Boehringer In Dispute Additionally the number of deaths from bleed attributed to Praxada is under dispute, with reports of deaths linked to Praxada totaling 260 while offi...

Actos - New FDA Warnings For Actos Labels The new Actos warning label has been updated to state Actos usage for more than one year may cause bladder cancer. Actos has been stated as under revi...

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